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Saturday, 18 May 2013

Lose weight without dieting.

Many people are going to lose weight says. "No can do, I have not" because they are too fast. Seen from each meal will be the same every day. Hungry in the evening. Weight loss is not the end of the cycle. So, we came to losing weight without dieting.

1. Recorded food to eat every meal.
2. Do not forget the most important meal, breakfast and lunch.
3. Eat slowly, do not hurry.
4. Choice like eating. And useful.
5. Avoid buying sweets.
6. Planned to eat.
7. Median time to exercise.

Just as you will have a shape that looks good.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Juice Diet- detox & weight loss?

Juice diet is a popular diet that many people try to follow- most people use detox diet for weight loss. The juice diet has many forms: lemon juice diet, orange juice diet, carrot juice diet, vegetable juice diet, and other possibilities of juice diets. We told you about the lemon detox diet. Here, we talk about all juice diets

It is basically a fad diet or crash diet form, involves intake of raw vegetable and fruit juices, and water only. It is an extreme diet form, as no solid food is consumed during the length of the diet. So, is the juice diet good for weight loss? Is the juice diet healthy?

Does the juice diet detox your system? The juice diet is like a mine field. Read on to find out, if you're going to lose weight, or lose something else…

Juices, Smoothies Diet for detox & weight loss

So, does the juice diet help weight loss? Think of it this way. The point of the juice detox diet for weight loss, is to consume fewer calories than your current metabolic rate (The number of calories your body burns on a daily basis). With the calorie deficit, you assume the juice diet will help you lose weight. But is there really a calorie deficit in your juice diet? Or are you consuming too many calories on your juice diet?

Say, you are on an orange juice diet or fruit juice diet- is this fresh juice or packaged juice? If its packaged orange juice (and most packaged juices are sweetened), and you're drinking 8-10 glasses of orange fruit juice, then you might be consuming a large amount of sugar with it. We've told you how sugar makes you store fat. See this for the healthiest orange juice. So, stay off the package fruit juice diet.

Now, if you are on an unsweetened fresh fruit juice diet or vegetable juice detox diet, then you know you're not consuming the extra sugar calories, and fewer calories. If weight loss was just a game of calories, then this could possibly work, but there are some complications to it.

Besides, vegetables and fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals and nutrients, so you assume vegetable juices and fruit juices are also good for your health. Yes, these vegetable and fruit juices have some of these nutritional benefits, but being on a juice diet completely deprives you of macro nutrients like protein and fat.

Let's take protein first. On the juice diet, there is no protein source. Now, everyone's body has a certain amount of muscle weight (both men & women). Besides giving your body shape, muscles also help protect your bone structure from injury, and store energy for your body. When you eat little or no protein on the juice diet, then its not enough to maintain these muscles. As a result, your body experiences muscle catabolism- where your body uses muscle protein to maintain essential muscles. As a result, one of the side effects of the juice diet is that you lose muscle. When you lose this muscle, you lose muscle weight. So, the weighing scale might say you've lost weight, but is that the weight you wanted to lose? Then further, with a lower muscle content in your body, your metabolic rate goes down. With a lower metabolic rate, your body's calorie requirements go down further. So, you need fewer calories to maintain your body. As a result, your previously low calorie diet might not be low enough. Do you need to go lower?

Now, let's talk about no fat in your diet- fat is an essential component to the digestion process. It improves absorption of nutrients into your body. With no fat in your diet, fewer nutrients from your juice diet get absorbed in your body.

Besides this, there are other possible issues with the juice diet:
- Hypoglycemia: A vegetable juice diet can be low on carbohydrates. Being so low on carbohydrate can lead to hypoglycemia, leading to severe head ache and low blood pressure.

- Acidic Blood/Ketosis: When a diet is changed from a high carbohydrate diet to a diet that does not provide sufficient carbohydrate to replenish glycogen stores, the body goes through a set of stages to enter ketosis, with side effects including fainting, dizziness, low blood pressure, heart arrhythmia (irregular heart beat), hunger, vomiting and more.

- Juice-Drug Interaction: Juice diet can affect you adversely if you are on prescription drugs or medications. According to American Journal of Cardiology, pomegranate and grapefruit juice interact with statins (cholesterol lowering medicines), anti-allergens, blood pressure drugs, pain killers and immune suppressants. American Chemical Society found out apple and orange juice also interacts with antacids and antibiotic therapy. These interactions can lead to potential hazard to your health.

So, you still want to do the juice diet to lose weight?

Saturday, 11 May 2013

5 Healthy Drinks For Safe Weight Loss

Many obese people successfully lose those extra pounds by just not being cautious about what they have on their plate, but also by watching what they have in their glass. Yes! By simply watching your drinking menu and drinking habits, you can also lose a considerable amount of body weight. It is a general assumption that what we eat counts to our body weight; however, the fact is that even what we drink adds up to our body fat. There are many liquids that contain high amount of calories that can quickly increase fat consumption in your body; however, if you become somewhat careful on what kind of liquid you consume, you will be able to contribute to weight loss safely and much effectively.

Below suggested are some healthy ways of consuming liquid without adding to unwanted body fat. On top of that, these liquid diet options help stimulate safe and successful weight loss much quickly and successfully.

Ice Cold Water

You all must be aware that water helps reduce body weight safely; however not many people know that you will burn an extra 300-500 calories a day if you drink 8-10 glasses of chilled water. This is because when you drink ice cold water, your body has to burn calories in order to heat the ice cold water back up to your body temperature. So, in this process, you can lose up to 1 lb a week. Try drinking about 2 extra glasses of water everyday so that you can boost your metabolism by more 40% and can safely shed some pounds.

Fat Free Milk

We all know that milk is high in calcium and calcium helps stimulate weight loss by breaking down fat from fat cells. However, this does not imply that simply drinking milk will work. Only milk that is low in fat can double the rate of fat breakdown from your body. Try drinking fat free milk or at least milk that is low in fat count.

Green Tea

Studies show that you can burn 40-50% more fat by drinking 3-5 cups of green tea every day. Green tea helps improve metabolism and stimulates weight loss much faster than any other beverage does. Plus, it contains healthy antioxidants that are good both for your health as well as skin. Drink a cup of green tea an hour before your meals as it will help to speed up your metabolism and will help you consume less food. You can go for other healthy options likeblack tea and black coffee too.

Vegetable Juice

Like fruits, vegetables also are rich in nutrients. The best part is that veggies contain lesser calories than fruits as they are void of any sugar content. Drinking a glass of vegetable juice before your meals also helps you to consume less calories than you usually intake. Carrots, spinach, cucumber and celery are some commonly known veggies that account for best tasting juices.

Coconut Water

Replace your usual liquid beverages with coconut water as it contains more electrolytes than most fruit juices and energy drinks. In addition, it is without the extra sugar and artificial flavorings. Coconut water naturally speeds up your metabolism and aids in giving your body more energy so you can work out for longer times with more intensity to lose weight much faster.

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Weight Losing Techniques Through Weight Loss Plans

Bulky body and extra weight are the common issues that people are facing nowadays. For this very reason, there is a study known as weight management that teaches us how to keep our weight in control and how to maintain a fit and a healthy body. Now the question arises that which program is the best?

Generally these problems are seen majorly in the females. But they are now fed up with different techniques like starving of food and so on. The thing that upsets them is that after putting so much of efforts, they are still not able to lose weight.

The negative side of people is that they always opt for short cuts and because of it they are not able to get accurate results. There is a direct ratio to shortcuts – if you tend to lose weight at a faster pace, you will even tend to gain weight at the similar pace.

The first thing that is needed for an individual is to figure out the personal goal, whether it is to lose weight or to get healthier or both of them. You should be clear as to what outcome you wish for and then you can schedule your Weight Loss Plans.

This will help you to formulate your best Weight Loss Plans, which means you will be able to plan out the food intakes and other necessary precautions that lead to weight loss!

The main thing that is needed to be followed is to lose weight gradually by eating safe and healthy food which does not involve processed, sugary, and all sort of fats and junk food. This is vital as intake of such food invites diseases in addition to increase in weight.

Hence, select a Weight Loss Plans that keeps you healthy, toned and fit. Your best Weight Loss Plans should involve eating nutritious clean healthy foods with daily physical exercise or any other physical activity of its kind.  By following it, you will surely observe its effectiveness and the positive results!

In short, it is advisable to remove the bad foods that increases your weight and disturbs your system as a whole. By this, you will be able to enjoy your life to the fullest by keeping yourself healthy and fit! Thus, it can be said that Weight Loss Plans if followed well for years, can surely provide you with a fruitful result.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Can Weight Loss Food Programs Be Easy?

Weight loss food programs range significantly. Some of them require you to buy foods and prepare them in a very specific way that you may not be used to. Others require you to purchase frozen items that you do not really like. Still others require you to police your own eating by controlling your own portions and meal design. It is easy to get the foods right in any type of program that you are facing. If you need to drop the pounds, consider how you can make selecting your meals easier for you to do. By doing so, you will drop those pounds without feeling like you are eating cardboard.

Making Portion Control Simple

One of the biggest factors for those who are using weight loss food programs is portion control. It is very easy to have a recipe for two to make and then eat it all yourself. Unfortunately, this is a common problem. Rather than allowing this to be a problem, though, choose a program that allows you to select just what you want to eat but keeps the portions under control for you. You should not have to determine how much to eat. Single serve items are best for the maximum results.

It Has to Taste Good

Of course, for any type of program like this to be a successful one, the food has to taste good to you. That is not always so easy to do, though. Some products are made to remove all fat, sugar and salt from them. Those are three ingredients that most of the time make meals taste good. However, some program options can help you to enjoy what you are consuming. Look for a product list that contains the types of meals you like. A range of flavor choices should be available.

The Texture Has to Be Right

Not only does the meal need to taste good, but also it has to have the right texture. If you are going to eat nothing but pudding, this means you do not want a gritty feel in your mouth when you are done. Look for products designed to be real and tasty. You may find it is easier than you realize to get this type of quality.

The best weight loss food programs can help you to achieve all of your goals without making you feel as though you are eating things you hate. Look for those products designed to keep your cravings to a minimum while giving you the types of textures and flavors you desire the most. To be successful, you need this type of plan to help you to avoid falling off the wagon.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Quick Weight Loss Tips Dare To Burn More Fat

Losing weight is always such a hot topic and rightfully so. The benefits of weight-loss is tremendous. It's not just how you look, but how you feel that makes all the difference in the quality of life.

With that said, it's often difficult to lose the extra pounds and keep it off. Here are some quick weight loss tips that can help you get on the right track and reach your weight loss goals.

- Eat a lot of vegetables: This is one of those quick weight loss tips you really can't overlook. If you want to drop the pounds quickly, without starving yourself and feeling hungry all the time, vegetables can really do it. High in nutrition and fiber, you will feel full without depriving yourself of vital nutrients you need to function properly.

- Increase your intake of fiber: This is another of those quick weight loss tips that's easy to obtain when you're eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. Fiber makes you feel full and also improves digestion. The only caution you need to make when increasing your fiber intake is to also increase water consumption. Too much fiber without enough water, will cause constipation.

- Drink a lot of water: More quick weight loss tips includes drinking plenty of water. In fact, drinking water is really the key to better digestion and overall functioning of the body. By remaining well hydrated, you will be on your way to attaining your goals of weight-loss at a much faster pace.

- Eat often throughout the day: When people think of quick weight loss steps, they often decide eating a very low calorie diets just a couple times a day will get the pounds off.

You will lose weight for sure, but it won't be fat. Most likely your muscle will be lost in the process. The body will protect fat stores at all costs if you starve yourself. So only create a moderate calorie deficit of 500 calories a day at the most. Spread your meals throughout the day, so you're never waiting longer than two to three hours before eating something.

This will keep your metabolism running at a high level continually throughout the day and you'll actually have the ability to burn more fat calories.

- Adding weight-loss supplements can accelerate your fat loss: Another one of those quick weight loss steps is to add a quality supplement to your diet in helping fuel weight-loss at a much higher level.

One product, for example, named Raspberry Tones is a great addition to any weight loss or weight management plan. All the nutrients, foods and compounds combined in the formula such as African mango, raspberry ketone, kelp, green tea extract and others work together with your diet to increase your metabolism and safely burn fat at a much higher rate.

In summary, quick weight loss tips can help you reach your goals very quickly. Just make sure you create a safe plan using proven principles and use these tips to get you the results you've been looking for.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Understand the Best High Cholesterol Diet Food recipes

When your cholesterol level puts you at risk for cardiovascular problems, then some great, high cholesterol diet recipes and work out type activity can definitely help to get you back with a safe, heart healthy level. Being an added bonus, this may also help you lose weight.

Changes in your daily eating regimen should help curtail the two sorts of unhealthy fats: triglycerides and LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol. Raising your HDL (high-density lipoprotein) cholesterol in your own body will also aid in protect you against heart disease. Thus, when you find that you encounter high cholesterol, it is important for you make a significant change eating patterns and lifestyle, and do so immediately. This might not be difficult because high cholesterol diet recipes might be very delicious and nutritious.

You will not be forced to suffer through boring, tasteless meals just to get your cholesterol at bay. You will find endless mixtures of food helpful to tempt your taste buds that may also guide you maintain good health and endure your combat high cholesterol.

When building your recipes to lower your cholesterol, avoid fried foods whatever. Minimize intake of red meat. It's better to change to fish. It's okay to enjoy the best foods occasionally, but accomplish that sparingly and occasionally. If possible completely cut them out within your diet for a good length of time, then that has to be or ideally.

Fresh, leafy green vegetables would be the primary component of any healthy, low cholesterol diet. Attempt to include fresh vegetables and nuts as much as you can in your recipes and control just a tiny amount of meat. A stir-fried vegetable combined with a limited number of chicken is a superb meal.

For the hot summer day, you could try some tropical fruits as a considerate refreshing lunch snack. You will find a multitude of combinations you could create, so you'll never get bored with all the variety. Keep on on your mind to not overdo fruits, as they simply do contain sugar. Sugar increases the release of insulin in the body, which causes higher triglyceride levels. You can combine strawberries, pineapples, kiwi fruit and some blackberries sooner or later. Another day you could possibly make a fruit salad which has a mixture of black cherries, grapes, banana slices and mango.

Vegetables are more filling, extremely nutritious and alkaline in your body. It is preferred to choose fresh, organic vegetables over frozen because frozen vegetables will usually lose some of their minerals and vitamins in the process. Vegetables could possibly be roasted, steamed or stir-fried inside of a little water or olive oil. To give delicious taste, divide some sweet potatoes and sprinkle these with coconut, cinnamon along with a little olive oil. Then bake slowly.

Vegetables may well be cooked in lots of different combinations and methods. You could brush all of them with somewhat olive oil and grill them, steam them, or season with the favorite spices and herbs and serve them hot. Chicken and fish are lower in cholesterol than chicken.